Create a Medical Mutual login account and manage your health data securely.

Medical Mutual Login – How to Create a Medical Mutual Login Account

If you’re a Medical Mutual member with a Medicare Advantage or Individual ACA plan, or the personal representative of an Individual ACA plan member, you can choose which apps have access to your data through our Patient Access API. But before you decide, make sure the app meets our high privacy and security standards.

Create an account

To create a medical mutual login account, visit the medical mutual website and follow the instructions. Then, choose a username and password that meet the requirements. You will also be asked to provide your name, date of birth and medical mutual member ID number. Once you have done that, you can access your account from any device with an internet connection.

You understand and agree that Medical Mutual IT may monitor your use of the Service, at any time and for any reason, and that Medical Mutual IT may have the right to do so. This monitoring may include but is not limited to checking whether the Service and/or your data are being used appropriately, complying with any laws or regulations, or to protect against any threats to the security of the Service, your computer system or the public.

This Service, including its contents, is subject to copyright and other intellectual property protections. Medical Mutual IT does not assume responsibility for the accuracy or copyright compliance of any information available through the Service, and disclaims any liability with respect to such information.

Log in

Medical Mutual is enhancing your access to your health data by giving you the option to authorize third-party apps to retrieve your healthcare information. This new feature is available to Medical Mutual Medicare Advantage and Individual ACA plan members, or their personal representatives. Members can direct and approve which app gets their healthcare data, but only if they choose an app that meets Medical Mutual’s patient access API privacy and security standards.

To start, visit the medical mutual login website and create a username and password. The password must contain at least one letter, one number, and one special character. You will also need to select a security question and answer in case you forget your password. Then, click “Submit.” You will be sent a confirmation email with instructions on how to log in.

Change your password

The Medical Mutual website is easy to navigate and provides many useful services. You can use it to track your claims, benefits, and spending. The site also allows you to verify your ID card, send direct deposit and request prior authorization for medications. You can also use it to search for doctors, hospitals and other medical facilities. The website is updated on a daily basis. The site requires you to have a valid Medical Mutual Member ID number and password to access its services.

You can also invite a delegate to manage your account. To do this, select the “Menu” option at the top left of the screen. Choose the “Invite Delegate” tile and complete the delegate information. You can also remove a delegate’s access to your account at any time.

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